William Weber Lecture Series

William Weber

The William Weber Lectures in Government and Society were founded by Bill Weber, a 1939 graduate of Kalamazoo College. In addition to this lectureship, William Weber has founded the William Weber Chair in Political Science at the College.

The College is sad to note the passing of Bill Weber in June 2012.

2022 Guest Lecturer

Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian, K’99

Chief Medical Executive for the State of Michigan

Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian, MD, MPH, FIDSA, is the Chief Medical Executive for the State of Michigan, in which she provides overall medical guidance for the State of Michigan as a cabinet member of the Governor. 

For the last year Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian served the State of Michigan in the role of Senior Public Health Physician with the Department of Health and Human Services, where she oversaw the SARS-CoV-2 testing strategy for the state and helped bring rapid testing technologies to vulnerable populations.  Since early 2020 she has served as a consultant for the World Health Organization (WHO), providing technical guidance on outbreak preparedness and COVID-19. 

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Past Lecturers

Joe Soss
Joe Soss


Dr. Joe Soss
“Preying on the Poor: Criminal Justice as Revenue Racket”

DeRay Mckesson
DeRay McKesson


DeRay Mckesson, Civil Rights Activist
“On the Other Side of Freedom: The Case for Hope”

Sasha Issenberg
Sasha Issenberg


Sasha Issenberg, Political Correspondent and American Journalist
“The Victory Lab 2016: A Report from the Campaign Trail”

Martin Gilens
Martin Gilens


Martin Gilens, Professor of Politics
“Economic Inequality & Political Power In America”

Gerald E. Rosen
Gerald E. Rosen


Gerald E. Rosen, Chief U.S District Judge
“Detroit Bankruptcy: Lessons Learned”

Jacqueline Stevens
Jacqueline Stevens


Jacqueline Stevens, Professor of Political Science
“Government Illegals: Deportation and the Rule of Law”

Joan Mandle
Joan Mandle


Dr. Joan Mandle
“Who Owns Democracy”

Van Jones
Van Jones


Mr. Van Jones

“Rebuild The Dream: The Next American Economy”

Justin Brooks
Justin Brooks


Mr. Justin Brooks
Freeing the Innocent: Overcoming Constitutional Procedural and Practical Barriers”

Mickey Edwards
Mickey Edwards


Mr. Mickey Edwards

“It’s the 21st Century: Does the Constitution still matter?”

“Do the People Still Govern?”

Tamara Draut
Tamara Draut


Ms. Tamara Draut
Falling Behind: The Economic Challenges Confronting  a New Generation”

Strapped: Why It’s Harder than Ever to Get Ahead, and What You Can Do about It”

Spencer Overton
Spencer Overton


Professor  Spencer Overton

“Stealing Democracy: the New Politics of Voter Suppression”

“Being a Political Animal at K: How to Stay Involved Beyond the Bubble”

Miles Rapoport
Miles Rapoport


Mr. Miles Rapoport

“The Challenge to our Social Cond and our Democracy: What We Can Do to Rescue Both, and How Tuesday’s Results Impact our Prospects for Success “

From Both Sides Now: Working for Social Change as an Advocate, A Politician, and Back”

Frances Fox Piven
Frances Fox Piven


Dr. Frances Fox Piven

Disruption and Democracy: Lessons from American History

Whatever Happened to the American New Deal?

Weber Lecture Speakers Prior to 2005

2004 – Mr. Benjamin Ginsberg. Lecture I – Elections and Presidential Power. Lecture II – Downsizing Democracy

2003 – Larry Rasmussen. Lecture I – An Axial Moment. Lecture II – Religion’s Responses

2002 – John Esposito. Lecture I – Islam, U.S. Foreign Policy, and War on Terrorism. Lecture II – The Many Faces of Islam

2001 – Charles Curran. Lecture – Terrorism and Christian Ethics

2000 – Ernesto Cortes, Jr. Lecture – The Importance of Politics and Why We Don’t Do It Anymore

1999 – William Greider. Lecture – “ Moral Dilemmas of the Global Economy”

1998 – Edward Cabot. Lecture –  “Do Citizen Matter?”

1997 – Ronald Thiemann. Lecture –  “Religion in Public Life: A Dilemma for Democracy”

1996 – Jean Bethke Elshtain. Lecture –  “Ethics and Public Life”

1995 – John Judis. Lecture – “American Politics on the Eve of the Millennium,I”

1994 – John Cobb. Lecture – “When Economic Growth Must End: What Next?”

1993 – E.J. Dionne Jr. Lecture – “Why Americans Hate Politics”

1992 – Frances Moore Lappe Lecture – “Citizen Politics and the Future of Democracy”

1991 – Thomas Edsall. Lecture –  “Race, Rights, Values and American Politics”

1990 – David Broder. Lecture –  “Democracy Derailed”

1989 – Michael McPherson. Lecture – “Distinctive Justice and Higher Education”

1988 – Russell Kirk. Lecture – “The Rights of Man vs. The Bill of Rights”

1987 – G. Mennen “Soapy” Williams. Lecture – ( No Title) 1st William Weber Lecture