4+1 Graduate Program with the Department of Political Science at Western Michigan University

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Kalamazoo College has a cooperative agreement with Western Michigan University (WMU). K students may be able to transfer a maximum of 6 undergraduate credits (non-entry level) between K and WMU for application toward a WMU master’s degree. Additionally, K students may also be able to obtain from WMU a maximum of 3 graduate credits by examination based on advanced level course work at K, the Senior Integrated Project. Combined, students may acquire a maximum of 9 credits that can be applied toward a master’s degree from WMU.

Visit WMU’s Political Science Graduate Programs page for more information.

Course Transfer

Up to six credit hours may be transferred to Western Michigan University from Kalamazoo College with the successful completion of any combination of the following courses with a grade of B or better:

POLS 305 International Law and Organization
POLS 310 Women, States, and NGOs
POLS 315 Public Opinion: Race, Class and Gender
POLS 320 Democracy and Democratic Theory
POLS 330 The Politics of the Holocaust
POLS 360 Domination, Liberation, and Justice: Contemporary Political Thought
POLS 375 International Political Economy
POLS/SEMN 410 From Social Movements to Non-Profits
POLS 490 Contemporary Behavior, Theory and Methodology

To receive up to 3 additional credit hours at WMU as graduate level equivalents, students from Kalamazoo College will be required to submit their final writing projects for POLS 593 (SIP). WMU Department of Political Science Faculty will determine the basis for evaluation and the awarding of the credit.